• Our District has adopted the "LiteTouch" Interactive panels from Lite the Nite Technologies LLC after representatives from each of our schools and administration office attended demonstrations from several companies offering similar products and selected the LiteTouch panel above the others.

    Lite the Nite Technologies have provided a product and service above and beyond our anticipation.  Their purchasing process as well as deliveries have been accomodating; their customer service is excellent as J.S. personally worked with us to quickly remedy any issues that has arrisen.

    I strongly recommend LiteTouch System and Lite the Nite Technologies.  R.B. from Massachuetts

  • As a tech, I appreciate the expansion options and hardware options on the LiteTouch boards. Picture quality is sharp. We have some with built-in computers and those run extremely fast. Multi-touch works great with pen tips or fingers.  J.E. from Kentucky

  • The LiteTouch is by far the best interactive board option for educators. The boards themselves are fantastic with multiple touch points in HD quality, and the software is multifunctional and easy to use.  B.A. from Kentucky

  • ​I have been very pleased with our Lite the Nite panels thus far!  They are very flexible to work with and delivers a very good product that is very user friendly for teachers.  The software is the best of both worlds of being easy to use, but also gives the ability to write on ANYTHING on the screen.  The screen is bright and very clear, looking forward to seeing the  4K version this fall.  Would do business with LTN over and over again.  J.E from Massachuetts

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