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Get more from your LiteTouch presentation! Feature rich and simple to use, LitePen provides an array of annotation tools that allow you to mark, draw, highlight, or add text, to anything on your screen. Save your work by taking a snapshot, or by recording live, with LitePen, and send it out as reference materials. Add a camera and microphone to record your face and voice along with your presentation to provide additional digital interaction to keep your audience engaged.  Capture your work with a screenshot, or record your work live, to present a richer reference guide.  Use LitePen to draw shapes on any image or whiteboard. A simple tap lets you toggle between the whiteboard and your desktop. Create an infinite number of pages on your presentation and toggle back and forth between them as needed.

LitePen Toolbar

Use LitePen to annotate over any screen and capture the notes to save for later reference. You can capture a screenshot after your done or record it as it is happening for a richer reference guide.

LitePen Annotation

Use LitePen to draw shapes over anything or just on a simple whiteboard. Toggle between the whiteboard you drew on and your desktop with one tap. You can also add additional pages to your whiteboard if you need them.

LitePen Whiteboard

Features include:


  • Screen Annotation:

    • LitePen lets you write, draw, or highlight on any content displayed on your desktop. Easily annotate webpages, slideshows, live videos, Keynote, and Powerpoint presentations.

    • Save the current desktop, with your annotations, as an image. Formats include: PNG, JPEG, Bitmap, GIF (Windows) and PNG (Mac OS X).

    • Save annotations in the native format to reopen and edit at a later time.

  • Screen Recording:

    • Document your work by recording your entire desktop, along with your annotations, as a high-quality video through LitePen.

    • Video formats: WMV (for Windows) and MOV (for Mac OS X).

    • Record your voice from the microphone.

    • Quickly pause and resume recording sessions at any time.

  • Web Camera:

    • Toggle the webcam view on/off for recording. For a video presentation, showing your webcam view could help you better connect with your audience.

  • Whiteboard/Blackboard:

    • Effortlessly toggle between your desktop and a whiteboard with a single click. The whiteboard provides you with a clean page to quickly show your idea.

    • Keep it blank, or change to Grid, Axis, or Lined view

    • Save annotations in the native format for editing at a later time.

  • Multiple Pages:

    • With LitePen, you can create an infinite number of pages - without clearing your current annotations. Easily swap back-and-forth between pages and continue working where you left off.

  • Multiple Monitors:

    • Allow you to annotate on extended or mirrored monitors.

  • Text Input:

    • Tapping the text icon brings up the on-screen keyboard, allowing you to insert text anywhere on the screen.

  • Intuitive User Interface:

    • LitePen is a floating toolbar that can be moved to, or docked to, anywhere on the screen. Change the orientation from horizontal to vertical, or hide the toolbar so it’s never in the way of your presentation.

    • Featuring an assortment of sizes and colors for erasers, pens and highlighters.

    • Need to navigate? Select the mouse option on LitePen to control other applications as you normally would. Don’t worry, your annotations will still be displayed on screen.

  • Hotkeys:

    • Use Hotkeys to quickly switch among different tools without having to access the toolbar. The hotkey combination can be configured in the Preferences menu.

*** LitePen is available for both Windows (7, 8, 8.1, and 10) and Intel, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later

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