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4K Ultra HD ePTZ Camera

With Facial detection Auto-Tracking

4K Ultra High Definition

LiteTrac supports up to 4K @ 30fps image output and is backward compatible with 1080P, 720P and most other common video resolutions.

Built-in Microphone Array

The LiteTrac built-in microphone array has a range of up to 35 feet, making it perfect for conference room or classroom applications.  And by implementing noise suppression technologies LiteTrac filters out the unwanted noise so the presenter is clearly heard.

USB 3.0 Output

One USB 3.0 cable serves as the power supply, video output and the audio output.  LiteTrac is easy to connect and helps you get started quickly!

Wide-Angle Distortion Free Lens

LiteTrac has a field of view of up to 120° with a wide-angle lens that implements video noise reduction technologies to produce a clean and clear picture even in ultra-low light conditions.
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Facial detection


LiteTrac allows you to move around while presenting, without worry.  It's built-in facial detection technologies follow you as you move and ensure you are always front and center and in focus!

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