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Mar 2, 2018

Using the Freeze Feature


Freeze is a feature that is built into the LiteTouch panel, which lets you "freeze" an image on the screen of the panel, and prevent others from viewing changes made on your attached computer. For instance, if you are a teacher and you are using your LiteTouch panel to show your students something related to their work, but you need to enter grades into your student information system on your computer without students viewing this, you could use the freeze feature to make this possible. With freeze enabled, even though you navigate away from the image being shown on the LiteTouch panel, the panel image does not change. Once you disable the freeze feature, the LiteTouch panel screen will again show the same content as the attached computer.


There are multiple ways to enable/disable the freeze feature:


1. Swipe in from either side of the LiteTouch panel screen, and choose the snowflake icon on the resulting menu.

2. Press the 3D button on the remote control included with your LiteTouch panel.



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