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The LiteTouch panels are very reliable and versatile, and I love not having to connect a separate computer to it because of the on-board PC.  I installed a program called Doceri Desktop onto the PC, which gives me complete control of the PC from anywhere in the room using my iPad.  In particular, I like opening and annotating over my PowerPoints using my iPad as I teach lessons.  I have also installed my TI-Nspire calculator teacher software onto the PC so that I can demonstrate calculator functions for students.  In general, it’s just nice to have the option to use the panel while circulating the room or by physically touching it, and the screen and sound quality have both been excellent.

L.V / High School Mathematics Teacher

My LiteTouch instructional panel has brought a whole new world to my students. This panel is an awesome instructional tool with endless teaching aids. Great investment for our students.

K.C. / Automotive Instructor

I have found that the ability to quickly video my "whiteboard" writing and lecture to post online for students that are absent makes sure that students have all of the information and discussion!

L.C. / Engineering Teacher

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