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Large Scale DV-LEDs for Education and Enterprise


The Drive-In is an incredible all-in-one solution that combines a large seamless display, audio and wireless casting and control in one larger than life device.  It is a versatile product as it can be wall-mounted, hung from the ceiling or even placed on a mobile cart.

Quality Without Compromise!

  • Completely Integrated Design

  • 4K@60Hz Controller Built-in

  • Android OS On-board

  • Integrated 60-Watt Audio System

  • Screen Casting and Control for up to 30 mobile devices on-screen at once

  • Available in screen sizes 138”, 165”, and 220”. 

LiteTouch Drive-in video wall on mobile cart

Completely Integrated Design, Audio-visual All-in-one Experience

The Drive-in includes an integrated Android processor and high-quality audio system so you have everything that you need for a completely immersive audio-visual experience.  The picture is seamless unlike the typical video wall system. These Large-Scale displays are a game changer in the display market. Includes the ability to wirelessly cast any device to the screen at any time, or connect directly via any of its 3 HDMI inputs.

Elegant & Beautiful

Fabric cover design makes product a perfect fit for multiple applications and locations. Highly integrated hardware and control system makes operation easy and setup a breeze.

LiteTouch Drive-in video wall on mobile cart
Litetouch Drive-in video wall and LiteTouch panel with teacher

User-friendly Operation

Control via mobile devices makes interaction convenient and more efficient. Picture-in-Picture available for up to 4 different screens at once.

HD Image Display, Versatile Application Modes

HD display creates a high-quality viewing experience and attention to detail. Built-in video processing functionality supports displaying of multiple windows

LiteTouch Drive-in video wall displaying four screens simultaneously.

Introducing LiteTouch Drive-In Video Wall

Teacher demonstrating control of LiteTouch Drive-in video wall with mobile device.


At a glance

  • Display Diagonal (inches): 138" ,165", 220".

  • Brightness (nits): 100-550 Adjustable.

  • Refresh rate (Hz): 3840.

  • Resolution: 100":1600x900, 138"-220":1920x1080.

  • Integrated 2 x 30W audio system, 2.0 channel, full frequency range.

  • Magnalium cabinet material.

  • 3- HDMI 2.0 4K Signal Input.

  • Wall Mounting / Hanging / Mobile Stand.

Spec Sheets

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