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Large Scale DV-LEDs for Education and Enterprise


Introducing The Drive-In, an exceptional all-in-one solution merging a large seamless display, superior audio, and wireless casting and control into one extraordinary device. Its versatility shines as it can be effortlessly wall-mounted, suspended from the ceiling, or conveniently placed on a mobile cart.

Quality Without Compromise!

  • Completely Integrated Design

  • 4K@60Hz Controller Built-in

  • Android OS On-board

  • Integrated 60-Watt Audio System

  • Screen Casting and Control for up to 30 mobile devices on-screen at once

  • Available in screen sizes 138”, 165”, and 220”. 

LiteTouch Drive-in video wall on mobile cart

Completely Integrated Design, Audio-visual All-in-one Experience

Experience unparalleled convenience with The Drive-In, featuring an integrated Android processor and high-quality audio system, providing everything you need for a truly immersive audio-visual encounter. Unlike conventional video wall systems, its seamless picture captivates attention, revolutionizing the display market. With the ability to wirelessly cast any device to the screen instantly, or connect directly via any of its 3 HDMI inputs, The Drive-In offers unparalleled versatility.

Elegant & Beautiful

The fabric cover design ensures that our product seamlessly blends into various applications and locations. With highly integrated hardware and a user-friendly control system, operation is effortless, and setup is a breeze.

LiteTouch Drive-in video wall on mobile cart
Litetouch Drive-in video wall and LiteTouch panel with teacher

User-friendly Operation

Experience convenient and efficient interaction with mobile device control. With Picture-in-Picture functionality, enjoy up to 4 different screens simultaneously for enhanced multitasking.

HD Image Display, Versatile Application Modes

Indulge in a high-quality viewing experience with our HD display, designed with meticulous attention to detail. Benefit from built-in video processing functionality, enabling the simultaneous display of multiple windows for enhanced multitasking.

LiteTouch Drive-in video wall displaying four screens simultaneously.

Introducing LiteTouch Drive-In Video Wall

Teacher demonstrating control of LiteTouch Drive-in video wall with mobile device.


At a glance

  • Display Diagonal (inches): 138" ,165", 220".

  • Brightness (nits): 100-550 Adjustable.

  • Refresh rate (Hz): 3840.

  • Resolution: 100":1600x900, 138"-220":1920x1080.

  • Integrated 2 x 30W audio system, 2.0 channel, full frequency range.

  • Magnalium cabinet material.

  • 3- HDMI 2.0 4K Signal Input.

  • Wall Mounting / Hanging / Mobile Stand.

Spec Sheets

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