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Interactive Panels for Education and Enterprise


Our interactive panels provide an intuitive, interactive experience that engage students and encourage collaboration. LiteTouch is easy to use, yet has a robust range of features tech savvy professionals will be sure to love, such as annotation, multi-point touch screen, and video conferencing capabilities and much more. We also offer a wide variety of sizes to ensure a perfect fit for any classroom, meeting room, or lecture hall.


Quality Without Compromise!

LiteTouch 4K UHD interactive flat panels are built with high-quality materials and include powerful, user-friendly features that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.  All LiteTouch models are available in 55", 65", 75", 86 and 98" screen sizes and include LitePen annotation and screen recording software at no additional charge.*  See below for a full list of features and specifications. 

Litetouch image

LiteTouch Features

* One (1) free (no cost) license of LitePen Annotation Software is included with each LiteTouch purchased. LitePen Annotation Software is available for Windows 7 or later and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later.

LiteTouch front ports

Connect with the Ease of USB-C

With USB-C connectivity, you can connect to a variety of devices with one cable and enjoy lightning-fast transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps.

Android OS On-board

Experience the power of the Android OS on our interactive flat panel displays. Enjoy the latest features and benefits of this innovative operating system, all conveniently integrated into our high-quality display screens.

LiteTouch interactive panel
Teacher casting a device to LiteTouch in the classroom

App Store for Business and Education

Our App Store for Business and Education is designed to provide a wide range of apps that are both user-friendly and geared towards productivity and engagement.

Multiple User Profiles

Our multiple user profiles make it easy for you to personalize your experience and ensure that you have quick and easy access to your settings. Whether you're using our displays for education, business, or any other purpose, our technology is designed to meet your needs. 

Example of multiple user profiles on the LiteTouch
LiteTouch depicting multiple devices being cast at one time.


Our collaborative software is the perfect tool to optimize your team's productivity when paired with our interactive flat panel displays. With intuitive features that enable easy sharing and collaboration, our software is an industry leader in enhancing group work. 

Easy to Manage

With our easy to manage software, controlling and customizing your interactive flat panel display has never been easier. We pride ourselves on providing practical and user-friendly software solutions that cater to our clients' specific needs.

Teacher writing on a LiteTouch in the classroom.
LiteTouch display in a classroom setting.

Commercial RGB Displays

Our commercial RGB displays offer unparalleled clarity and brightness that will captivate your audience. We offer a variety of sizes and resolutions to fit any need, and our displays are designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. With LiteTouch, you can be confident that you are getting the best technology on the market.

Meet the

LiteTouch PRO

Includes everything you get with LiteTouch,

L pro
LiteTouch Pro image
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LiteTouch Pro display on Windows home screen

Integrated Enterprise-Level Pro PC

LiteTouch built-in Windows 11 PRO PC’s are engineered for the toughest of tasks and include an Intel Core i5 10500T Processor, 8GB DDR4  Memory, 500GB NVME SSD, WiFi 6 802.11ax, Bluetooth, and 10/100/1000-BaseT Ethernet.

Windows 11 Professional

The LiteTouch Pro 'E' series includes a Windows 11 Professional PC built-in for increased convenience and mobility.  It's built with enterprise-level, quality components, so it is fast and responsive and includes both WiFi and Bluetooth so the need to be fixed in place due to wires and cables is eliminated.

windows 11 logo
LiteTouch side ports

Upgradable at Any Time

Purchase a LiteTouch Pro or Pro+ and get a Windows 11 Pro PC built-in. Or Upgrade Your Standard LiteTouch to a Pro at Any Time

Meet the

LiteTouch PRO+

Includes everything you get with 
LiteTouch & LiteTouch pro 
our LiteMic Voice Enhancement System and LiteTrac 4K ePTZ Camera with Facial Detection Auto-Tracking.

LiteTouch Pro + image
LiteTouch panel in dark room

Better Sound

LiteTouch IFP’s already include 50-Watts of room filling sound (2 x 15-Watt Front Facing 3 way speakers +1 x 20 Watt Subwoofer). With the addition of our LiteMic voice enhancement system, (included with the LiteTouch Pro+) you'll elevate your audio experience to an astonishing 150-Watts.

Be Heard

Including our LiteMic:

Let your voice be heard with our LiteMic wireless presentation system. Includes 100 watt speaker upgrade that mounts on the sides of your LiteTouch panel or on the wall for stand-alone applications. Project your voice with the included pendant microphone and easily be heard by your entire audience, whether in the classroom or in the conference room.

LiteTouch panels in a classroom setting
LiteTouch panels in a classroom setting with teacher

Stay Front and Center

Including our LiteTrac:

4K Ultra HD ePTZ Camera with Facial Detection Auto-Tracking and Built-in microphone array. The LiteTrac will follow you as you present and adjusts automatically when multiple speakers are present.

Extended Warranty

A LiteTouch 5-Year extended warranty upgrade is included for FREE for your LiteMic and LiteTrac accessories when bundled in the LiteTouch Pro+ package!

Teacher demonstrating casting a mobile device to the LiteTouch in her classroom.