Love the LiteTouch panel, but don’t want to be stuck in one place? LiteCart is the solution. Designed for ease of use and mobility, our lightweight mobile cart is made from the highest quality materials, making it durable and easy to move.  Every LiteCart comes with a basket and shelf, conveniently keeping all your needed items in a single location. The column of the cart features a built-in four outlet power strip, allowing you to plug in multiple devices. The 10-foot power cable gives you the ability to use the cart almost anywhere in the room.  LiteCart features an adjustable mount, basket, and shelf which are built into the center column so you can customize your installation to fit your needs. The base has a small footprint, minimizing tripping hazards and making storage easy.  LiteCart uses standard VESA mounting sizes, making it compatible with not only LiteTouch screens, but with other screens as well.

LiteMount is a low-profile, easy-to-install solution, to wall mount your LiteTouch panel, or any other large screen.  Made from the highest quality material, LiteMount is durable, and provides stability for your screen. All hardware needed is included, along with built-in tilting and leveling adjustments, making installation easy and picture perfect. LiteMount uses standard VESA mounting sizes, making it compatible with not only LiteTouch screens, but with other screens as well.

Your voice matters, so let it be heard with LiteMic. Our wireless presentation system, LiteMic includes a 100 watt speaker upgrade that mounts onto the sides of the panel, or on the wall for standalone applications. LiteMic also includes a wearable, wireless microphone. Operating on a 2400 MHz frequency, LiteMic eliminates the need for a separate WiFi network or IR sensor.  Designed for convenience, the microphone includes a laser pointer and built-in slide advancer. LiteMic is the only wireless presentation system you’ll ever need, and you’re guaranteed to find the sound quality to exceed your expectations. See table below:

Make your presentation accessible for everyone with our electric-powered LiteCart Pro. The LiteCart Pro is designed to make learning accessible for both younger and older students. Every situation is different, so whether you need to lower the panel to the ground, or lay it flat like a table, our LiteCart Pro provides your classroom with the accessibility solution. The LiteCart Pro is easy to install and remains compatible with LiteTouch, or any other large screen using standard VESA mounting sizes. Includes an attached, wired remote control for cart positioning.

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