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Interactive Panels for Education and Enterprise


Our interactive panels provide an intuitive, interactive experience that engages students and encourages collaboration. Our panels are easy to use and come with a range of features, such as annotation, touch screen, and video conferencing capabilities. We also offer a wide variety of sizes and resolutions to ensure a perfect fit for any classroom or lecture hall



Quality Without Compromise!

Let your voice be heard with our LiteMic wireless presentation sys-tem. Includes 100 watt speaker upgrade that mounts on the sides of your LiteTouch panel or on the wall for stand-alone applica-tions. Also included is a wireless microphone that operates on the 2400 MHz frequency range, eliminating the need for a separate WiFi network or IR sensor. The wireless microphone includes a laser pointer and slide advancer built-in. LiteMic is the only wireless presentation system you will ever need and you are guaranteed to find the sound quality to exceed your expectations.

LiteMIC Benefits

  • Studies have shown that adding voice amplification to classrooms can im-pact learning and improve test scores by 7-10%.

  • Students in classrooms with voice amplification are noticeably more in-volved and less disruptive.

  • Teachers with voice amplification in their classrooms have less vocal strain and miss fewer days of school due to sickness.

Envision DC-Wall

Envision DC-Wall

Quality Without Compromise!

The Envision DC-Wall document camera mounts neatly on the wall for easy access and closes and locks for safe storage when not in use. The Envision DC-Wall is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Android and connects to your display device via a single USB A to B cable (included).

Envision DC-Wall Features

  • Wall-mounted design

  • Flexible rotating camera - capture image from any angle

  • 11 high brightness LED lights

  • High image quality, supports 1080P HD video recording

  • Multi-mode PIP split screen functionality

Envision DC-24

Envision DC-24

Quality Without Compromise!

With a battery and wireless connectivity built-in, the Envision DC-24 document camera can be used anywhere in the room easily and without messy cables! With a wireless runtime of 6-8 hours you can use the document camera an entire school/work day on a single charge. The Envision DC24 is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS and Android and can be connected using USB, VGA, and HDMI as well as wirelessly.

Envision DC-24 Features

  •  Wireless Connectivity to Chromebook, Android, PC and Mac

  •  Built-in 7200mAh battery for up to 8 hours of continuous use

  •  1080P@30fps HD images with live streaming capability

  •  Connectivity via WIFI/USB/VGA/HDMI

  •  External Memory: SD/SDHC/SDXC card

  • WiFi Connectivity:Transmit still images or live stream video from anywhere in the room wirelessly

  • Multi-Platform Operation: Compatible with Chromebook, Android, PC & Mac or Standalone via HDMI

  • High Definition Images:1080P @ 30fps / 8MP for capturing even the tiniest details

  • Multiple Connections:WiFi, USB, VGA and HDMI connections
    let you easily connect to any type of device